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Engineering, Permit, and Planning Department
2199 E Kiehl Ave
PO Box 6256
Sherwood AR 72124

Operation Monday thru Friday 8:00a.m. to 5:00 p.m
(501) 835-4753 Fax: (501) 392-0088

Sherwood Wastewater Utility (on call 24 hours a day)
(501) 835-4753 non-emergency (Monday thru Friday) (8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.)
(501) 833-4418 emergency

Engineering, Permit and Planning Department

The Sherwood Engineering, Permit and Planning Department is actually comprised of three divisions: the Engineering Division, the Permit and Planning Division and the Sherwood Wastewater Utility.

The Engineering Division’s primary functions are the design and inspection of construction of municipal projects. These projects include sanitary sewer extensions and rehabilitation, new construction and rehabilitation of sanitary sewer lift stations, storm sewer construction, street construction and overlay projects, sidewalk construction, traffic signal installation, and other miscellaneous items of public infrastructure. The Engineering division oversees the development of new subdivisions (streets, curb & gutters, sidewalks, sewer installations, etc.). The Engineering division meets with community representatives to assure that they have a voice concerning newly developed areas within the city, coordinates public service with neighboring communities to ensure that the City of Sherwood’s residents are provided reliable and affordable utilities.

The Permit and Planning Division includes permitting duties and code enforcement. Permit and Planning Staff is responsible for issuing building permits for new residential and commercial development, as well as residential and commercial remodels and additions. The department also issues permits for work such as plumbing, electrical, HVAC, signs, sewer, street cuts and demolitions. The Permit and Planning Division is also responsible for the inspection of work by contractors and sub-contractors to ensure that work complies with the City’s minimum requirements. Code Enforcement Officers address citizen complaints including inoperable vehicles, overgrown grass, trash, open storage and housing code violations. Staff also works with developers to resolve potential building issues associated with zoning of land, easements and rights-of-way.

The Sherwood Wastewater Utility operates under the guidance of the City Engineer. The City assumed management of a wastewater facility in 1996. The Utility is currently undergoing a complete evaluation of the Sanitary System with significant sanitary sewer improvements to start in 2011.

The Engineering, Permit and Planning Department recommends ordinances and resolutions to the Mayor for consideration by the City Council designed to improve the quality of life and appearance of the City of Sherwood.

For more information about services or the enforcement role of our Engineering, Permit and Planning Department please contact at the following address or phone number:



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