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City Clerk
Angela Nicholson

2199 E Kiehl Ave
Sherwood AR  72120
501-835-5319 Office
501-835-1274 Fax
Mailing Address
PO Box 6256
Sherwood AR  72124

Angela NicholsonCity Clerk

 The City Clerk’s Office is the hub of financial affairs for the City of Sherwood, including accounts receivable, payable, general ledger accounting, bank reconciliation, and investments. We are also the formal office of record for all City documents, contracts, and agreements. The City Clerk is an elected position for a term of four years. All payments individuals or businesses make to the City of Sherwood for licenses, fees, or taxes are handled by the City Clerk’s Office.

In addition to transacting business with the general public, the City Clerk’s Office maintains all financial records for the City, providing the Mayor and all Department Heads with monthly budget reports updating expenditures and revenue. The City Clerk’s Office pays all of the City’s bills and invoices, and maintains banking relationships. The City Clerk invests the City’s financial reserves to maximize our return on investment. The City Clerk’s Office ensures that there are audit trails for all financial transactions. We assist the external auditors annually in reviewing the financials and financial procedures.


The City Clerk’s Office prepares the agenda and all background information for issues to be considered by Council Members at the monthly City Council meeting. We notify the media of meeting dates and times for Boards, Commissions, Committees, and Council meetings. The City Clerk participates in the City Council meetings, and prepares minutes of each meeting. The minutes of City Council meetings, as well as any ordinances or resolutions passed by the Council, can be found on our Website.

Sherwood Taxes

The following is Sherwoods TAX Breakdown:

State 6.5%
Pulaski County 1%
Sherwood 1%

Advertising and Promotion (hamburger tax) 2% (this percent is mailed directly to Sherwood and the other tax above is sent directly to the state)

Rules for the A&P Gross Receipt Tax Collection and Enforcement

Advertising and Promotions Tax Permit Application1

Advertising and Promotions Tax Permit Application 2

Gross Receipts Monthly Tax Report Form

Request to Prohibit Door-to-Door Solicitation

Sherwood Do not knock list


Application Occupation & Privilege License

Business License Application

Index of City Ordinances





City Calendar

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