Office of Emergency Management (OEM)

The City of Sherwood Office of Emergency Management (OEM) is responsible for citywide preparedness and disaster planning. Coordinating functions of private, municipal, county, state, federal and military agencies during disaster response/recovery efforts and responding to natural or man-made disasters and hazardous material incidents citywide are two primary responsibilities. Sherwood OEM office is also responsible for training individuals and departments responsible for emergency response, including the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) personnel and management and the community emergency response teams (CERT). The Sherwood OEM office maintains and operates the city's outdoor warning system. It also oversees the management of state and federal disaster preparedness grants through multiple state and federal grant opportunity programs. Additionally, Sherwood OEM is the City of Sherwood Certified Floodplain Manager (CFM) and Environmental Compliance Specialist (CISEC) that educates, regulates, and verifies compliant permit activities citywide through the FEMA, NFIP, EPA, or MS4 programs.

Important Documents