Privacy Policy

 The City of Sherwood values our online users and it is our desire to protect your personal information.  The purpose of our privacy policy is to inform you of the types of information that we gather when you visit our site, how we may use that information, whether we disclose that information to anyone, and your options regarding our use of the information.

Personal Information

Information that you provide us when creating an account on our website or when using forms via our website.  This information may include your name, address, email, telephone number, and/or business information and/or other information.  The City of Sherwood does not share your personal information with the exception of the Freedom of Information Act requests.


The City of Sherwood automatically collects certain information about your visit to our site.  The type of data we collect may include information such as date and time of your visit, the type of browser used, technical Internet protocol data, etc.  The purpose of collecting this data is to improve our website and your experience on future visits.  This data is not sold, shared, or disclosed to external entities.


We do not use "persistent" cookies to collect permanent information. We may use "persistent" cookies (which would reside on the user's computer) to increase the ease of use. Such a cookie might contain the user's ID number, thereby relieving the user of having to always enter the number. Under this circumstance we will only use a "persistent" cookie when you give your permission.

Freedom of Information Act of 1967, § 25-19-105 et seq.

All governments in Arkansas are subject to the Arkansas Freedom of Information Act of 1967 § 25-19-105 et seq.  This law requires that almost all government records, including electronic data, must be supplied to anyone who requests it.  Therefore, most personal information provided to the City of Sherwood cannot legally be kept confidential.